Company History was started as a pet project. As someone that had been in the marketing and advertising space, I had seen all the issues with the business from the inside. Sometimes the advice was good, but most times it could be really bad, sometimes there was no way to navigate other than a gut feel, and most times money won out above all else. The corporate greed was hunting for the biggest elephants they could find.

The small or medium businesses were left without any real ability to keep up with the information needed or all of the latest technology. It was not until I started to publish a weekly email as a volunteer to my church that everything came together. Even though I had always kept in constant contact with the latest in analytics and web development the corporate greed could not allow people to float out into the “digital revolution.”

They may have people within their organizations that are hired to work on digital projects, but it would just be “too technical and too difficult for others to pick up.” Surprising as it was not after a few wins consulting, the work has been invigorating and fantastic. The truth as just as Malcolm Gladwell talks about Outliers,┬áthis is more of the same. It takes time and experience, there is no secret innate ability just the time and experience and most importantly the love of this business.

When I refer to this business the goal that I have in mind is using marketing via the internet to translate to bottom line dollars for any company. After all a website without optimization or measurement I would say does not exist just like the Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik talks about it is truly data analysis through “Analysis Ninjas” that can push us forward to the true goal and that is to create and link all of this to bottom line profit. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in future posts and will look to post 2 to 3 times per week as we try to develop a structured business plan for entreprenauers, and small and large businesses.