How to Get More Out of Your Content [Infographic]

Writers block. Blogger burnout. Creative barrier.

Whatever you want to call it, it can be frusturating and often even cripling when you are attempting to generate a steady stream of content for your marketing strategy.

Through experience, one way I have learned to cope with writers block is to simply revist some of our top blog posts. And what do I do with these posts? I draw inspiration from them. Or, in other words, I recycle them!

Sometimes you don’t need the next, greatest idea. Sometimes you simply need to repurpose content you have into something slightly different. So next time you feel the blogger burnout coming on, dive into the archives and refresh a relevant piece of content into something new and exciting. 

Not sure where to get started repurposing content? We give you a few ideas of what you might have and what it could become in the infographic below:

How to Get more out of your content

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