Social Marketing

Building your brand relies on consistent branding of your company across multiple social marketing platforms including sites like Facebook, newsletters, as well as your company’s own website. Branding includes the colors, logos, texts, images, and messages that your company uses to represent itself with. Ideally, these will be consistent in such a way that customers are able to recognize your company’s image and values, even outside of your company’s main website.

Social-IconSocial Media Management:

We all know what social media is, but why is it important?

Social media is important because it allows your company to interact with, and stay in front of, your customers.

By keeping social media accounts up to date, your company stays on your potential customer’s radar, as well as establishing your company as a subject matter expert. Because internet users can access information quickly and easily when making purchase decisions, maintaining social media is an important aspect of brand building across the web. Social media is an extremely important part of Online Marketing and search engine ranking.

It is important when setting up social media accounts, to be sure to maintain branding across all platforms. This means choosing between “BizTraffic” and “BizTraffic, LLC” and sticking with it. If vanity urls are available such as “” claim them. Also, it is best to optimize only the first 140 character of description to explain what your company does as only the first 140 characters typically show up in the majority of search engines.

Content-IconE-Newsletter Management:

E-Newsletters are another way to stay in front of your customers by going directly to their inbox. This is a great way to remind potential customers of your company, and to continue to establish your company as a subject matter expert. Newsletters help build loyalty and trust for your company, as well as allowing potential customers to get to know your company on a more personal level.