Understanding the Basics of Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

According to Hubspot’s 7th Annual Report on Inbound Marketing and Selling, companies are 3 times as likely to see higher ROI through inbound marketing than outbound marketing. This drastic increase has lead more people to want to get involved in the world of inbound marketing. But what exactly IS inbound marketing?

Before we can understand how inbound marketing works, we must first understand how outbound marketing works (or doesn’t work). With outbound marketing, the potential buyer is constantly bombarded with invasive marketing that may or may not be relevant to them. Since buyers like to be in control of deciding what products they buy, typical outbound marketing has become less effective.

On the other hand, inbound marketing allows the buyer to feel more in control of the making important buying decisions. Elements such as content marketing allow buyers to find relevant information that will provide them with the necessary knowledge needed to make an informed purchase.

With this simple switch in approach inbound marketing has been able to change the way that marketing is done by making it more about the customers and less about the products that they are trying to sell.

In a nutshell, by taking a less interruptive approach, inbound marketing allows the consumer to feel more in control of the buying process which makes them more likely to become a satisfied customer and brand promoter.

In this quick and simple infographic, we outline the need-to-know basics of inbound marketing. As long as you keep in mind the four most important pieces of the inbound methodology: attract, convert, delight, and close you’ll be able to easily find success with inbound marketing.

Understanding the Basics of Inbound Marketing