3 Online Marketing Trends for 2017

new-years-day-2017.jpgYou’re in the thick of holiday promotions now, but after the holiday decorations are put away, then what? Most people haven’t even started thinking about it, but the holidays will soon be over and the new year will be upon us. And a new year always means new trends. 


Is your team ready? Here’s what we predict to be the major trends for 2017.


Make sure that your strategy accounts for these 3 trends: 

1. Content is Still King (sorta):

scissors.jpgGetting your website “found” on the Web is your number-one priority. Smart marketers know that posting quality content has been the best way to convince search engines to rank their sites high and to attract clients. 


2017 will see a shift in the content marketing trend. Blog content has become the newest over-marketed fad, and myriads of sites post uncountable amounts of content. So Google’s latest challenge is cutting through the BS. 

Actionable Tip

In 2017, focus on condensing and unpublishing older content. Instead of posting 4 new blogs with average content, delete any old posts with similar or duplicate content and create one well-written, up-to-date piece. Google will appreciate it. 


2. Mobile-Friendly is a Necessity:

mobile-ads-150x150.jpgMobile optimization has become more important than ever in 2017. In an effort to keep up with the surging use of mobile devices, Google has begun indexing sites using mobile versions first. 


That’s right. Mobile versions of sites are now the most important versions. It isn’t enough to have a separate version of the site for mobile users – your website needs to display the same information for every visitor, regardless of device. Think mobile-optimized content, mobile ads and separate content for mobile websites. This will be key to your online marketing strategy for 2017.

Actionable Tip

If you have avoided converting to a mobile-friendly site, QUIT BEING STUBBORN. Mobile is a thing. Accept it, implement it, and move on. 


3. Social Media Ads Continue to Improve:

1413931343-how-set-social-media-goals-marketing-forward.jpgOn a sad note, Facebook now limits the number of organic posts your fans can see. But on the bright side, their ad targeting continues to improve!


And most social media sites are improving targeting abilities for advertisers. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook have all improved over the past year, and 2017 will be no different. Expect the media giants to continue to improve upon their marketable metrics.

Actionable Tip

 Run a test campaign! Try our the new abilities of these different platforms. If you don’t like it, don’t continue. But you may find that you find even more quality leads using these ads. 


Take these three online marketing trends seriously, get out in front of them, and make 2017 a year to remember (in a good way)! If you have any other questions about marketing, or you want to find help, make sure to download our Free eBook so that you know what to look for in a Digital Marketing Provider!