The Differences in Hashtag Marketing Across Social Media Platforms

If you live in the 21st century and have access to the internet, you have definitely seen a hashtag and more than likely even used one in your day.  But if you have a business on social media, you need to learn exactly how to use hashtag marketing to boost your social media presence. Not only can the right hashtags improve the visibility of your posts, they can also improve engagement.  But how do you know what to hashtag and when for maximum results? Every platform is … [Read more...]

Google My Business Update: Boost Your Business with Better Photos

A pictures worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Visual content has long been a powerful factor in any digital marketing strategy. The right images have the potential to catch the eye of your customers, and really elevate your marketing to the next level. And with Google My Business's recent update, highlighting images that set your business apart just got a little easier. But before you can add pictures to your Google listing, you must first create one.  … [Read more...]

Is Your Company Missing Out on Sales? 5 Questions to See if Marketing Automation is Right for You

Once upon a time, every social media message was crafted and sent in real time. Blanket email blasts cluttered the inboxes of decision makers everywhere. And scheduling a blog post to publish was a foreign idea. But now, we have helpful tools to complete all of these tasks for us, often in a much more targeted and strategic way. And we have marketing automation to thank. … [Read more...]

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Sales?

Although content has been an important and growing part of any marketing strategy for years, it is often still overlooked, especially when it comes to sales.  The relationship between sales and marketing has long been a complex, and often troubled, one. But in the search for alignment between these two departments, content (and inbound marketing!) can play a key role creating an effective sales and marketing machine.  To address how content marketing can assist your sales team, it is … [Read more...]

The 5 Skills Your Company Needs to Learn From Your Marketing Team

Marketing requires a set of skills and a vision of a company as a whole that is unique from other individual departments within a company. There are many valuable skills that can be learned from the marketing team and applied to all other divisions and aspects of your business.  Knowing what you should be getting out of your marketing team when it comes to analytics and strategy is one thing, but knowing what you should be learning from your marketing team to apply to other aspects of … [Read more...]

How to Get More Out of Your Content [Infographic]

Writers block. Blogger burnout. Creative barrier. Whatever you want to call it, it can be frusturating and often even cripling when you are attempting to generate a steady stream of content for your marketing strategy. Through experience, one way I have learned to cope with writers block is to simply revist some of our top blog posts. And what do I do with these posts? I draw inspiration from them. Or, in other words, I recycle them! … [Read more...]

How To Evaluate an Outsourced Agency’s Marketing Effectiveness

When you’re shopping for a marketing agency, the process can be overwhelming on top of all your other work, and just plain confusing. It’s hard to know who will best fulfill your needs, fit with your internal team, and bring you meaningful results. In short, only a down-to-Earth approach to evaluating an outsourced agency’s marketing effectiveness will separate the fakers from the fabulous. … [Read more...]

The Metrics You Need to Prove Marketing Return on Investment

Have you ever been asked the dreaded question: Can you prove your marketing return on investment? Unfortunately, this question often results in a deer in the headlights look. Something that looks a little like this: … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Growing Revenue at Your Organization

Beneath all the daily operations that your company engages in-from marketing, customer service, and even providing deliverables-is revenue. And if you want your business to grow, the first step is growing revenue. … [Read more...]

How to Perform a Marketing Department Audit

Whether you just joined a new company, received a promotion, or it's simply that time of year, performing a marketing department audit can be a daunting (although necessary) task. Too many companies waste time, effort, and marketing dollars on the wrong strategies. Performing a full marketing department audit at least once a year aligns and adjusts your team, strategies, and budget towards the same, unified goals.  … [Read more...]