3 Ways to Grow Your Online Sales

Business owner | learn to grow your online salesWith U.S. retail online sales predicted to grow to $434 billion by 2017 and 25 percent of those sales expected to come from mobile devices, things look good for a prosperous year for your ecommerce site. But customers won’t keep returning to your site without smart follow-up on your part.

Here are three ways to ensure customers don’t forget you and that you continue to grow your online sales. 

1. Social Media

Do you ask customers to like you on all your social media sites? Show them the positive sides of becoming a fan or follower by explaining they’ll learn about sales, promotions and events before anyone else.

Embed your Facebook, Twitter and other social media buttons on your email receipts so all customers have to do is click. Ask them to share their purchase on their social media sites so you’re exposed to their colleagues and friends.

2. Mobile Text

If you’ve gained a customer’s permission to send text messages, then texting a quick “Let us know how you liked our product/service” is a great way to follow up. Ask if they have any questions and encourage them to let you know how you can help them in the future.

3. Email Marketing

A good CRM system helps you plan email follow-ups with targeted marketing messages suggesting other products or services your customers might be interested in.

In a recent Harris Interactive report, more than 75 percent of online shoppers who had signed up to receive promotional emails from a retailer are more likely to purchase from that merchant online or in stores if the emails feature products based on their prior shopping habits and preferences.


Photo Credit: Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Thinkstock