5 Marketing Lessons from Superheroes

In an ideal world, every marketing push would succeed. Every customer would respond with joyous praise of your products and services. They would recognize the value you offer, and they would hail your as a superhero (we may have a thing for superheroes). But customers don’t always understand us, and not every marketing push becomes a roaring success. Let’s take a moment learn from those masked crimefighters with these 5 lessons.


1. Be Available

No crime fighter made headlines by hiding. Batman responded to the batsignal, Superman used super senses to find those in need, and Spiderman hung out on rooftops. Whatever your strategy, make sure that you’re services are available when called upon by a potential client. Clients should be able to find your information easily and quickly.

2. Identify a Need

No superhero can fight against evil without understanding the villain. Superman tried one time – and died. Thanks, Doomsday. In the same way, you cannot help a client if you don’t understand that client’s need. Make sure to know exactly what the client wants and how you can help. Set definable goals before moving forward.

3. Assess the Situation

superman-115895_1920.jpgNo two problems call for identical solutions. If the Hulk punched a normal person like he punched the bad guy, then the person would literally explode – like, in a really disgusting way. If Superman treated an evil alien the same as a pickpocket, then the alien would wander away confused; then it would kill everything. Make sure that you are not overdoing or underperforming for your clients. Not every client can afford a massive Adwords budget. Target your strategy to the client’s comfort level and budget. Communication is key.

4. Solve the Problem

No superhuman crime fighter would ever earn his or her own comic book if he or she did not succeed. The Green Lantern comics would have died long ago if Alan Scott had lost against Solomon Grundy. It can be difficult, but you need to make sure that your client finds some degree of success using your services. Track your CTR, CTA success, and other key metrics to relay information to the client. Here are some other ideas to help in this department.

5. Branding, Branding, Branding

mr-1527208_1920.jpgAll superheroes have a recognizable brand. Who doesn’t recognize Superman’s ‘S,’ or Spiderman’s webbed costume – how about the Hulk’s purple shorts and green skin? As a marketer, make sure that your own brand pops. That makes it easy for clients to remember you and refer others to you further down the road. And present your business in all available channels for maximum brand exposure.



Businesses need heroes, too. That’s where marketers come into play. If you are considering re-assessing your business’ outreach and engagement, make sure that you’re armed with all the necessary tools. Download our free eBook for more information on how to take your marketing to the next level.