5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

186972696It’s not enough to conduct an extensive digital ad campaign to drive customers to your website. In a study conducted by comScore and UPS, customers say it takes an integrated buying experience to win brand loyalty. For example, shoppers want the freedom to purchase online and then pick up in-store, or buy online and return the item to a store. What else drives brand loyalty?

  1. In the same survey, shoppers say they expect different shipping options to choose from; 78 percent will pick the least expensive option. In addition, 97 percent want the ability to track their purchases.
  2. Are you using mobile marketing? Forty-seven percent of those surveyed want coupons sent to their mobile devices when they are near (or actually in) the store.
  3. We’ve all heard this, but do we pay attention? Social media is best when used to engage with consumers, not to sell to them. Target is a prime example: The retail giant uses social media to advocate for the brand and to spread brand love. This works especially well on visual platforms like Pinterest where products can be displayed in an attractive spotlight.
  4. It’s well-known, but worth repeating—making an emotional connection is a major factor in creating brand loyalty among consumers. How best to make that connection is where you need to focus your marketing research. Are you fulfilling a need for security, providing comfort or helping customers feel hip and trendy? Don’t forget you may have different emotional influences depending on your different target markets.
  5. Finally, sometimes brand loyalty is simply triggered by habits that are hard to break. Many customers stick with a brand because they’re too lazy to find something different. The time to target these consumers to switch to your brand is when they’re making a major change in their lives such as a starting new careers, getting married, having babies or preparing for retirement.


Photo Credit: maxkabakov/iStock/Thinkstock