5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

Facebook has proven to be somewhat tricky for businesses to master. Some businesses do it very well, but others do not. Issues can arise when interacting with customers on Facebook, and a declining organic reach can make it difficult to reach those customers in the first place. However, the website still provides excellent opportunities for growth and engagement with customers. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while marketing with Facebook.

5. Timing, Timing, Timing

hand-clock-1674895_1280.pngBusinesses can improve their outreach by monitoring the best times for posts to garner much-wanted views. Some messages receive no attention, and others gather clicks and interactions for what appear to be no reason. According to various studies, found with a quick Google search, Facebook engagement appears to be higher on Fridays. Posts are more likely to earn a ‘Like’ or a share at the end of the work week. You should experiment to determine your company’s optimum posting time and frequency.

But do not post too often. The largest reason for unfollowing a business page is “Too many posts.”

4. Arranged Engagement


User-generated content is surging in popularity. UGC is when brands promote media captured by fans. One big example is Starbucks – look at what people draw on the cups. The company will then use that artwork to promote itself on social media. This type of content offers two benefits for businesses:

  • Increased user engagement (93% of users find UGC helpful)
  • Increased trust from consumers

Great UGC campaigns put content creation and sharing in the hands of the clients. Encourage your followers to share your product with friends, even if it mean starting a contest. But more on that later.

3. Vary the Message

Don’t repeat the same phrase in every post or every ad. Another reason that users unfollow a brand is boredom. While your company’s message should target a specific audience, the message should vary. Even if you only have one buyer persona, make sure to appeal to that buyer at different points during his or her buyer’s journey. Sometimes, a buyer needs help diagnosing a problem. Other times, a buyer may just need a discount. Varying your company’s messages can ensure that your company can reach the client in any stage.

2. Customers Love a Payout

contest.jpgIf you really want to push Facebook engagement, start contests. Allow customers to compete for prizes of all kinds – cash, travel, your product, or even just the recognition of being a winner. This will do two things:

  • Get people talking about your business
  • Provide the company with User-Generated Content

So offer up a tour, a souvenir, or a check. Pay the customer for his or her efforts and reap the benefit of chatter! 

1. Pay the Piper

credit card pay.jpgFacebook marketing is improving, and the social platform drives over 25% of all social referral traffic, and 70% of users engage daily on the platform. It may be that Facebook ads are the way to go for your business. If you are hesitant to start a full-blown effort, run a test campaign. Set SMART goals, and see how the platform works for your business.


Facebook engages three-quarters of global internet users, and businesses need to develop strategies to take reach those potential clients. Take some time and map out a plan. Don’t slip and be the next Facebook fail. If you would like to learn more about boosting your company’s Facebook efficiency, download our free eBook on Attracting Customers with Facebook.