7 Topic Ideas to Jumpstart Your Next Piece of Content

topic ideas for your content

You started blogging and creating offers with a thousand ideas in your head. You couldn’t wait to write about all the great topics you had planned out. But now, it has been a few months, maybe even a few years, and the idea pool is growing smaller and smaller.

Trust me, we get it. Coming up with new topic ideas for your next piece of content can be a daunting task, especially when you’ve been writing content for your business for a while. Sometimes you just need a little creative boost to get you back on track when it feels like you’ve written it all. 

That’s why we’ve come up with these topic ideas for you to tweak and use as your own:

1. Uncover Industry Myths

What are some common misconceptions about your industry? Depending on what line of work your business is in, this may result in a long list of ideas for blogs or offers. Clear up one or more of these myths with an educational blog post. 


2. Compare and Contrast Similar Concepts

This topic is especially useful when it comes to super similar industry buzzwords. Clear up the confusion by explaining similarities and differences. People often turn to the web for clarifying definitions, so this can be a great topic to gain some new traffic and establish yourself as an industry expert. 


3. Comment on Trends

People LOVE keeping up with trends. Some of our highest traffic posts for our blog and several client’s blogs are about industry trends. Choose to either write about broad industry trends, or pick a narrower subject for a more niche post. Including the year of the post is a great way to add relevance and boost your search ranking. 


4. Explain How To Do Something

Another popular type of post is the “how-to.” This could be a broader topic like training your team to do something a bit more broad, or it could be something far more specific and simple like a daily task your audience would benefit from.

While there is often resistance to “how-to’s” in the B2B industry, because it feels like telling all your company’s secrets, choosing the right processes can be a great way to bring new traffic to your website that might be interested in more high-level services such as strategy or complex implementation. 


5. List of Resources

These posts often come about as a response to a client question. For us, we had several people ask us where to get high quality images they could use on their website or marketing material for free. I simply got tired of sending them other people’s lists of free images that were either too overwhelming or too hit and miss. So I finally put together my own favorite resources and simply send anyone who asks me this question the link to the post. Plus, I still use all these resources frequently myself. 


6. Spotlight News Stories 

One of the best ways to get over a lack of creativity is to simply turn to the news and relate it back to your audience. This could mean taking a broad news event and applying it to your industry or writing about more specific news in your industry and how it relates to your audience. 


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7. Holidays

Timely posts don’t necessarily have to be about news events. Using the holiday calendar can help you come up with creative ways the upcoming holidays can apply to your industry. This may mean writing about things your specific audience should be doing to be prepared for the upcoming holiday or time of year, or it may be a bit more abstract, like writing about 10 things your Dad would love for Father’s Day and including your product on the list. 


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Keep in mind that these content topic ideas are just that: ideas. It’s up to you to know and understand your audience so that you can choose the most relevant and useful topics for them. And don’t forget to leverage keyword research to boost your blog traffic and get more eyes on your website.