A National Treasure: Blog Writing Lessons From Nicolas Cage

niccage.jpgWhat can you learn about content writing from Ghost Rider, Ben Gates (of National Treasure), and Cameron Poe (the hero from Con Air)? If you’re a content writer, beginning a new blog post can feel daunting at times. You’ve got to  decide what to write about, where to start, and, above all, what to say, and that’s all before you even write a word!

Feeling lost? Writer’s block? Why not seek guidance from the acting career of renowned star Nicolas Cage? Let’s take a look at Mr. Cage’s career for some fresh perspective on creating content.

Take Any Idea and Run With It

glasses-272401_1920.jpgVariety is the name of the game and Nicolas Cage is an actor that refuses to be pigeon-holed. He’s been the superhero, the villain, and everything in between.

The same is true in writing, or really any form of expression. There is a massive hesitance to dive into piece of content sometimes, particularly when breaching a subject you are unfamiliar with.

Overcoming this obstacle is easier than it sounds. Find an idea you want to explore and just start writing. Once you begin you may find you know more than you thought and pushing those comfort zones can take you in directions you didn’t think possible.

Oh God, Not the Bees!

honey-bees-326334_1920.jpgUndoubtedly, Mr. Cage demonstrates commitment to each role he takes on, regardless of its nature. He becomes the character, be it a determined detective, lovestruck angel, or bedraggled sorcerer; his commitment makes them memorable and therefore the production itself, even while shouting his lines and donning a hat full of bees.

Allowing yourself to become invested (and perhaps a part of) your content gives it that extra degree of authenticity that readers will remember and return to. This is commonly called “finding your voice” and it’s what makes your blog stand apart.

Iconic Co-Stars

When you think about his movies, what stands out about them almost as much as Nic Cage himself? The slew of co-stars he shares the limelight with! John Travolta, Sean Connery, John Cusack, John Malkovich…just having the right talent involved can make a mundane premise shine.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to co-write your content with an A-list blogger, but it doesn’t hurt to nod toward some well-known sources to give your article some clout. Just as supporting characters in a film can flesh out the plot, including some references in your post can provide supporting detail to substantiate the topic.

Roll Credits

While the comparison may seem abstract, considering the film resume of Nicolas Cage can certainly give us a unique way to approach blog writing. Too often we complicate the process with our own fear or bias in relationship to the material.

By allowing ourselves as writers to be authentic and unabashed in tackling ideas, we give ourselves the opportunity to maximize creativity and productivity.