How Can Snapchat Help Your Brand?

snapchat2snapchat3Not sure if you should ignore the Snapchat phenom or jump on the bandwagon? The latest statistics estimate the hot social media app is gaining 10 million users per month, so the easy answer is—it’s time to jump on board. The hard question is, how? Although the popular photo messaging app allows you to share photos, record videos, text and drawings, the “messages” also disappear within a few seconds. So how does Snapchat help brands spread their messages?

With so many new ways to reach specific markets, consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of messages being thrown at them. Snapchat appeals to their need for short and entertaining messages. Many top brands are having success on Snapchat. Here’s how to make it work for your business.

Think short. You can set the amount of time the user can view your Snap. Test out different lengths of time and see which Snaps get the most attention, replays and image saves.

Think creative. Use different fonts, backgrounds and colors to vary your messages. Use Snapchat Stories to build a more impactful message. Snapchat Stories are built by taking Snaps and adding them to the story section of your profile. Each Snap adds on to the last and can be seen for 24 hours.

Think actionable. Your message should represent your brand, but it should also influence your followers in some way. Make them want to shop by sending Snaps of the current hot fashions in your boutique, or make them hungry by Snapping a photo of your latest culinary creation.

Photo Credit: Snapchat blog