Content Marketing Trends for 2014

465943213Content marketing was big in 2013 and will likely get even bigger in 2014. According to the Content Marketing Institute, (CMI) 90 percent of business-to-consumer marketers surveyed said they had used content marketing in their strategies. Marketers shared content through blogs (72 percent), e-newsletters (76 percent) and online videos (72 percent). So what can we look forward to in 2014? Here’s what’s trending for 2014 according to CMI:

  1. As more businesses become aware of the importance of content marketing, they’ll need to dedicate an employee (or several) to manage and write effective content.
  2. Mobile is no longer a separate strategy. You need to realize the content you create can be viewed on any and all screens.
  3. Google is on to you. You can’t just post any old content and expect great rankings. Quality counts.
  4. Social media will attempt to organize and better direct relevant content.
  5. Don’t forget podcasts!  According to Edison Research, one in six Americans have listened to a podcast in the last six months which means podcasts can be a significant addition to your content strategy plans.

The best way to make sure your content is relevant is to think of it in terms of solving problems. It’s not about pushing your products or services. Be an advocate for and educator of your audience and you’ll end up creating authentic customer relationships. Once you’ve got a strategy outlined, analyze which content gets the best results and then tailor your messages to deliver the most valuable information to your clients. Doing this will help you become a more a trusted business, which can only build your bottom line.

Photo Credit: IvelinRadko/iStock/Thinkstock