Content Outlines: the Blueprint of your Website

When it comes to flushing out the many topics that stem from your pillar content, organization and planning are key.

Content Outlines are Your Foundation

It’s no secret that content is the driving force to your website. It is what people are searching for on Google, what they are clicking on on social media, and what they rely on to gather new information that they desire or need.

That being said, it is vital that the content they find on your website is exactly what they need! Searchers are looking for something tailored and detailed to match their queries. And in order for your content to fit this criteria, you must have a solid foundation in your content outline that is built to deliver useful results.

Creating Your Blueprint

Having a content outline is like having a blueprint for a new house. You must start with this solid foundation before you build the walls. When the building gets more complex, you need to make sure that the moving parts inside of it connect and run smoothly, and are placed in the correct spot. After all, no architectural structure can function properly without being preplanned.

The foundation of your content outline should include the most broad topics within your subject. For example, a jewelry appraisal company’s broad topics could include ones like appraising, buying and selling.

The Moving Parts

Broad topics such as the ones listed above stem out to topics and blog prompts such as “a beginner’s guide to appraisals” or “what to expect from an appraisal.” Think of blogs as the moving parts, like the pipes and electricity in a house, as this is the content that will keep things moving. Whether the content is shared among the web, in a newsletter, or found in a Google search, this is what is going to be passed around the most.

The Windows to Your Business

Your company’s social media is the window to its business and values. Social media is where you will share the image of your company. It’s what people see on the exterior, before they decide to engage any further. This includes a brand voice and the impression people get when they see what kind of information you share.

Not only should you be sharing original content like blogs and graphics, you should be sharing curated articles that relate to your industry and to your audience’s interests. In the case of a jewelry appraisal business, this could mean sharing educational, entertaining or informative articles regarding jewelry trends or updates about jewelry showcases in local museums, etc.

If people like what they see, they’ll start to look further into that window, and will likely follow your content and posts more strongly.

A Solid Structure

Every part of a content outline flows together, from the blueprint, to the foundation, to the exterior. When each of these parts satisfies the other, it calls for a solid structure for your business model.

To help visualize a content outline, you can remember this system:

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Now, get to building!