Creating Content That Works

Handing Writing the word "Content"

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What is content marketing, and why do you need it? Content marketing is putting valuable information on your website to engage consumers, not just to sell your products or services. According to a recent Content Marketing Survey Report from Econsultancy and Outbrain, 90 percent of business owners surveyed believe this type of marketing will become more important in the next 12 months—but only 38 percent have actually implemented a content marketing strategy.

In order to offer valuable information in the form of content, you need to understand your customers inside and out. What will make them seek out your website for information?

Here are some tips content marketing blog Junta24 recommends:

1. Think like a publisher, not just an entrepreneur.

Convey the information in an entertaining, yet informative style. Make it visual and (if possible) interactive. Use photos, videos and surveys. You can even create online games or downloadable information consumers can use offline.

2. Solve a problem the customer has.

Don’t just add random copy stuffed with SEO-friendly keywords. Your blog should address and solve some sort of problem your customers face; this will make them seek it, use it and share it.

3. Take yourself out of the picture.

Yes, you’re used to tooting your own horn as a small business owner. But this time, you are not the focus. Content that works is about the customer. Ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?” If you can make the posts engaging and useful, they’ll seek you out for more.

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