Web Design and Development

Web Design and Web Development, two completely different aspects of the work that goes into a website, are the building blocks for establishing and maintaining an online presence for your business and brand. Having a polished, professional website that runs smoothly is important to growing online business for any company.

Website designDesign:

Web design is the exterior or “front-end” aspect of a website that users will interact with. Because of this it should be creative and appealing to your company’s audience, presenting your company in a professional manner. A website’s design should remain consistent with your company’s brand in its use of colors, fonts, logos, buttons, symbols, etc.

Ease of interaction for users, as well as clearly defined calls to actions, are important factors as they create an interface that will enhance the user’s experience with the website, and ultimately the company.

Keep in mind that part of this ease of interaction is the experience users have on mobile devices. Not only is mobile-friendly design a search ranking factor, but also a key component of improved user experience.

Website code for developmentDevelopment:

Web development is the interior, or “back-end,” of the website. This relates to the web design in that it makes the website functional and useful for the user, not just visually appealing. This is the technical aspect of a website, the underlying code of the design that produces a functional site. Good web development relies on “light weight” or minimalistic code.

It should be easy to read, allowing changes to the code to be easily implemented, and “debugging/troubleshooting” to be as simple as possible.


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