Growing Your Referral Program

referralIf you’ve taken the steps to manage your online reputation you’re already ahead of the game. Next on your list: making the most of your online referral program. According to the American Marketing Association satisfied customers who participate in a referral program increases their loyalty to your business.

Here are a few ways to promote your referral program, courtesy of Extole, a referral marketing company.

  1. Get them from the beginning. Put an incentive for referral right on your home page. Offer customers a discount on their next purchases in exchange for giving referrals.
  2. Do you ship packages in your business? Make sure you put a sticker or note in every package about your referral program.
  3. Snail mail still works. Customers who like doing business with generally don’t consider your mailers junk. Include a note about how your referral program works and the benefits ithey can receive.
  4. When emailing about promotions or special events, don’t forget to include a line about referral incentives. You can also ask customers to share the email addresses of their friends who they think might be interested in your business.
  5. Remind your customers to share news about your business on their social media platforms. Though messages posted on Thursdays drive the most referral shares during the week, Monday’s posts produce the highest conversion rates on shares and clicks.
  6. Change things up and keep your program exciting by offering different referral promotions like a special rate for your top referrers, a “Friends and Family” promotion or a limited-time special offer.

Photo Credit: stuartmiles99/iStock/Thinkstock