How To: Marketing Your Multi-Family Home to Millennials

millennial to market multi-family home to

When it comes to marketing your multi-family home to a demographic like millennials, you may have to use a different approach than you are used to. However, marketing your apartment to this group doesn’t have to be hard at all.

If you’re stumped on how to proceed with selling your apartment to millennials try some of these helpful suggestions:

Offer Referral Specials

Millennials rely heavily on their friends opinions when making decisions about certain things. The best marketing tool that you can possibly have to market your multi-family home to millennials will be other millennials.

Offer current tenants special incentives or rent breaks for referring friends that end up signing a lease. This way, you bring more attention to your apartment and also retain your current tenants at the same time.

Offer Rent Break Incentives

Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting in on something exclusive. Offering short term rent breaks to potential lessees is one way to get the word out about your apartment, townhomes, or condos.

Try offering special promotional rent breaks for your social media followers that will give them the extra push they need to step into the leasing office. When you offer special deals, millennials are more likely to feel that they are getting more for less, and want to pursue the opportunity.

Host Community Events

Millennials love to gather. By hosting an event for/at your apartment complex, you can draw attention to your property with ease through word of mouth. Try holding an innovate event like inviting food trucks to the property for current residents and their friends so that they can get a feel for the atmosphere that the community has to offer.

So, even if the attendees are currently looking for a new apartment home or their lease will end soon, they will remember the experience that they had at your property and you’ll be top of mind for them throughout their apartment hunting process.

Follow Current Trends

Millennials like to keep up with what’s hip at all times. By keeping an eye out on what current trends are taking over, you can use them to your advantage. For example, if there is currently a craze surrounding pool parties, capitalize on this and throw one yourself!

Showing that you’re on top of trends and what’s popular will convince possible tenants that taking up residence in your apartment home will allow them to stay in touch with their need to stay on top of everything.

Make Them the Focus

Millennials are often referred to as “generation me”, so one of the best tactics that you could use to market your multi-family home to them is by making it all about them. In your advertising you should focus on how the property is the hotspot for people in their age group.

When it comes to marketing your multi-family home to millennials it’s not as hard as it may seem. Like many other demographics of people, make your audience the center of attention and appeal to their wants and needs if you want to attract them to your property.