How to Optimize Your Off-Site Marketing to Promote Inbound Calls

optimize off-site marketing for inbound calls

When it comes to inbound calls, using your website to promote phone calls seems like a no brainer. And with a little creativity, you can come up with multiple ways to ensure your website visitors are directed towards picking up the phone to call. But are you using off-site sources to drive inbound calls? If not, you may be missing out on some valuable opportunities. 

Here are three specific areas that you can and should be using to promoting inbound calls:

Local Directories

Local search is a powerful way to get found online. Not only does it drive visits to your website, but many times visiting your directory page may be enough. By providing an accurate phone number on all of your directory listings, you are making inbound calls as simple as clicking on that phone number listed in a map search or calling the number in the local pack

Just be sure that you are using phone numbers correctly when creating your local listings. You definitely don’t want to see a decrease in calls due to inconsistent phone numbers

Marketing Material

Although it may seem a bit old fashioned, having a professional business card is still an important tool. But don’t stop with your business card. If you regularly order branded pens or marketing brochures, be sure to include your phone number on them.

This is a powerful way to be top of mind and promote calls, especially if you attend or host an event where there is a wide range of businesses and professionals. It will not only help you stand out, but make finding your contact information quick and painless for potential prospects. 

Social Media Profiles

Adding your website URL or business description is a natural part of optimizing your social media profiles, but have you ever intentionally added a phone number? If not, now may be to time to update your pages. This offers a way for social media visitors to quickly contact you, without having to click through to your website and search for a phone number there. 

While using these off-site methods to promote inbound calls is simple, they provide a powerful way to bring your visitors one step closer to a phone call. But be sure to not only promote phone calls, but to be prepared to handle incoming calls to generate more sales.