Improving Your Customer Focus

customer focusAre you really “customer focused”? Or is that just a part of your mission statement because you thought it sounded good, but have no idea how to really implement it? While surveys show a majority of customers would pay more for a better customer experience, only 1 percent of those customers thought their current vendors were actually doing a good job. Remember, when customers choose a small business instead of a larger one, they’re usually looking for a personalized and better customer experience. Here’s how to give it to them:

  1. Start by making a list of all the reasons a customer would choose your service or product over another.
  2. Conduct a customer focus group or informal survey among your loyal customers and ask them the same question: Why do they keep buying from you? The answer may not be the one you think.
  3. Don’t stop asking questions. “How did that product or service work out for you?” “Was there anything you would have liked done differently or better?” “Anything you didn’t need?”
  4. Figure out how your products or services actually help your customers.
  5. Treat each customer like you’re starting a long-term relationship, and not just selling for the short term.
  6. Use a good CRM program to take notes on customers, and make those files accessible to all your employees.
  7. Make sure customer focus is a priority for everyone in your company.
  8. If you lose a customer don’t just let it go. Try to figure out why you lost them and adjust your customer focus accordingly.

Photo Credit: AnsonLu/iStock/Thinkstock