Looks Count: LinkedIn Adds Header Images

linkedinheaderEveryone is doing it, and now LinkedIn has joined the club. You can now (if you’re a paid user) add header images to your LinkedIn business profile. Although, that may not seem like a big deal, it can make a big difference to your business image. Research shows social posts with images get more shares, so it follows that adding images on LinkedIn can only help spur engagement with your followers. Header images were first offered as an option this past summer. For now, the images do not appear on mobile devices.

To design your company’s header image, you can choose from a gallery of provided images, but it’s better if you brand your business with your own look. Take a high-resolution image from your marketing campaigns or from your other social media pages. The image needs to make sense to your clients and customers and should be relatable to your industry or locale. If you add text to your image, be aware that it is still an image so the text will not be picked up by SEO.

Just as on all social media platforms, variety and vibrancy are key, so don’t throw a header up there and forget about it. Change the header at least quarterly, or even monthly if you have a seasonal business. Test the types of images that get the best response and adjust accordingly.

Other visual changes to LinkedIn include:

  • Larger profile photos
  • You can also add other photos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and videos.
  • A LinkedIn Showcase Page is an extension of your company page and is designed to help you spotlight a brand, business unit or initiative. You can tailor your message to a specific audience, which should increase response and engagement.

Photo Credit: 4774344sean/iStock/Thinkstock