Make Pinterest Part of Your Holiday Marketing Plans

pinsEvery small business wants their companies to be the ones consumers turn to when they need to make a special purchase or planning a special event. The holiday shopping season offers the best opportunities for retailers and service providers to make it to the top of shoppers’ lists. Luckily, the holiday sales predictions are bright. The National Retail Federation forecasts sales to increase a healthy 4.1 percent this year, to $616.9 billion. Is it a holiday miracle, or are marketers just getting smarter?

More and more marketers know Pinterest is where shoppers look for holiday decorating, entertaining and gift ideas. Last year, a poll by research firm Lab42 found 54 percent of Pinterest users spend more time on the site during the holidays, and 94 percent say it has changed the way they make their holiday preparations. In addition, people are turning to Pinterest to share their holiday ideas—42 percent of Pinterest users have a holiday-themed board.

Look to popular pins in previous holiday seasons to decide how to create your boards in 2014. Here are some ideas:

  • Party Planning: Whether you sell services or products, think about the many ways you can share advice on party ideas. If you have a graphic arts business, for instance, showcase some of your party invitations or paper goods. Don’t forget your B2B customers—showcase ideas for company parties and client events.
  • Home Décor: Pin ideas about decorating for the holidays, both indoors and outdoors. Include both simple and elaborate ideas so can you attract all kinds of customers.
  • Motivational Pins: Everyone needs a little motivation to keep from burning out during the holidays. Post some holiday-appropriate quotes. They can be famous quotes or just something you overheard a customer say.


Photo Credit: iStock/Thinkstock