Thank You Very Much: Making The Perfect Thank You Page

The art of the thank you page
The thank you page (or, in some cases, just a thank you lightbox) is what visitors to your website will see when they fill out a contact form or download content via an offer on a landing page. No content offer is complete without a great thank you page to pair with it!

Recently, we covered the ins and outs of building a quality landing page for your business’ website. Next, let’s take a look at how to show your appreciation to your new lead by making the perfect thank you page.

Thanks For Your Time

Time is money! Take a moment to show that you value your visitors' timeYou’ve spent countless hours creating content and offers as part of your business’ inbound marketing campaign. After all of your hard work, your contact forms, calls-to-action, and landing pages are finally all live on your website and bringing in new leads. 

The goal of all of this effort is to bring new visitors (and new business) to your website. Make sure that you’re making every visitor to your website feel appreciated!

A good thank you page lets your new lead know that their time is being respected and also serves as a confirmation that their submission went through (and, hopefully, that you’ll be in touch soon!). Don’t make things harder for your site visitors: make sure that your thank you page includes breadcrumb links (so that visitors can get back to browsing your site painlessly!) and the same aesthetic as the rest of your website. 

Page or Lightbox?

A lightbox is a small pop-up window used to display a quick notification, form, or message. Unlike a traditional thank you page, a lightbox is a quicker, sometimes more elegant way to acknowledge a form submission and thank your new lead. 

So should you use a standalone thank you page or a lightbox to display your thank you message. It depends!

If you want to include a download link for a content offer along with an informational summary of the content and maybe some images, you’re going to want to build out a full thank you page. Conversely, if you just want to display a quick “thanks for your submission!” message, a lightbox is a great, much less disruptive way to go about it. 

Thank you pages can be simple and elegant or highly informational and filled with content. Either way, taking that extra step to keep your leads on the buyer’s journey will pay off in the long run!