Marketing to Mobile Moms

165485497What do moms of young kids want more than anything? Solutions to their problems. These moms are time-pressed, often stressed and will spare no expense when it comes to purchasing products or services that help them get through (and make the most of) their children’s early years.

Luckily, social media has been a panacea for these moms. They use the various social platforms to reach out to other moms for advice in general and for new product or services recommendations and reviews in particular. An Experian Marketing Services analysis found moms with young kids (under age 5) are twice as likely as all moms to visit and participate on social media websites, more likely to shop using their mobile devices and more open to engage with brands digitally. An eMarketer survey  points out that the 35.7 million moms in the U.S. with kids under age 18 last year have an annual buying power of $2.25 trillion.

According to the Experian report, more than 67 percent of working and stay-at-home moms says the Internet “has changed the way they get information about products and services” and over 40 percent use the web in search of lower prices. More moms (25 percent) use daily deal sites than the general adult population (14 percent), says research from Arbitron and Edison Research.

These moms are pretty attached to their smartphones and tablets, using them “to streamline their shopping.” In fact more than half of these mobile moms admit they like receiving SMS messages from the retailers they care about. And 44 percent want to get emails from retailers. If you market to moms via email, make sure the emails are mobile-friendly, since many moms use their mobile devices to check email.

The message for your business? Moms today are tech savvy and active. Reach out to them on social media sites and offer coupons they can use online or in your store. Don’t forget to make it easy for these social moms to share their purchases with their online friends by posting comments and reviews.


Photo Credit: EHStock/iStock/Thinkstock