Marketing to Yummies — Young Urban Males

yummiesForget those aging Baby Boomers—and let other businesses market to fickle tweens: New research points to young urban males or “Yummies” as the hot market to target. This evolving cultural set wants to look good, buy luxury goods and carry smartphones. They also have a bit of a self-esteem problem. So what makes these luxury buyers different from other luxury buyers who buy quality over brand name?

It’s all about the image: Yummies are spending big bucks at an ever-increasing rate to impress others with all the products and services they’re buying. Make sure you’re telling a luxury story with your marketing. What does your brand say about the people buying it? Do your ads portray the right image that will impress others?

They’re getting younger: It used to be men waited until they were older and successful before caring about showing off their social standing, but Yummies aren’t waiting until their 50s to buy flashy sports cars and upscale attire. As men wait longer to get married, they’re spending money on themselves instead of on wives, kids and a mortgage. To successfully market to Yummies, you need to be active on the social media platforms where younger men hang out, and get your products or services deemed hip by the popular bloggers and influencers reaching this market.

They’re not the stereotype: Yummies aren’t stereotypical young men eating fast food and spending all day on the couch playing video games. Think of them more like the “metrosexuals” of 20 years ago. They’re working out, eating healthy and investing in grooming products and services.

Even if you don’t run a business that sells luxury goods, personal care products or electronics, you can still target Yummies by talking to their lifestyle—always on the go, ready for the next adventure and willing to shell out more money for the luxury experience.


Photo Credit: Ingram Publishing/iStock/Thinkstock