Productivity Hack: Using Macro Recording in Google Sheets

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking forward to our robot overlords finally taking over some of the more mundane tasks that we end up doing over and over again. Case in point: making frequent, multi-step changes in spreadsheets is a pain, particularly when you end up needing to make the same edits to several sheets.

Fortunately, Google’s finally enabled one of the best productivity enhancers in Google Sheets: macro recording!

So what is macro recording? When you enable macro recording, any subsequent actions within the spreadsheet (e.g. formatting, creating a chart, calculating algorithms from data sets, etc.) will be recorded. When you’re happy with the recorded actions, you can stop the macro recording and save it. If you activate the macro later on a specific sheet or data set, it’ll re-execute the actions that you recorded.

Pretty cool, right? Check out the video from Google for a quick demo/overview: