A Social Media Guide to Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty has an enormous impact on sales. Loyal customers spend more time interacting with your brand and spend more money on your products.

80% of your company’s future business will come from 20% of your current customers. Developing and maintaining these loyal customers can determine the future of your company.

Customers want a brand they can interact with. They are no longer satisfied with being passive receivers of marketing.

Social media is the best way to have these interactions with your customers. Relationships built here can drive consumers to your brand, but too much self-promotion can drive them away.

Customers want brands to provide useful content, not ads. When you’re creating content for social media, do so with your customer in mind, not your bottom line.

By becoming a trusted source for your customers, they will think of you first when making a purchase.

Remember, social media is about conversations, not conversions. Win your customer’s trust and the conversions will happen naturally.

Here are a few stats showing what social media users expect from companies, and how producing authentic content centered on solving your customer’s problems is more important than self-promotion.Social Media Guide to Customer Loyalty