How to Solve Business Listing Duplicates

duplicateWith the upgrade Google has been making in its Business Listings, your company may be receiving an email from Google to inform you that you have a conflict with your business listing. Resolving these issues quickly and effectively is important to ensuring your customers are able to find the correct information about your company on Google.

What Are the Conflicts?

There are 4 potential conflicts you may run into:

1. Multiple unknown verified accounts – The update no longer supports multiple verified business owner accounts for one business location. This means that Google is letting you know that your account has a listing that’s a duplicate of another account.

2. Multiple known verified accounts – This means you may have verified the page multiple times using your accounts.

3. Used the same account to verify the business in Google Places and Google Plus – This just means you have control of two duplicate listings under the same account.

4. Used different accounts to verify the business in Google Places and Google Plus – This most likely means that you and someone else in your business verified the same business under two separate accounts in both places.

How Will This Affect You?

This means you may have received an email from Google that requires you to take action to ensure that the correct account is the active account. This can affect your business if the wrong listing is the one that is active. It is best to take action swiftly in order to resolve the issue.

What Can You Do To Tackle This?

1. You have two options if there is multiple unknown verified accounts: either to remove your own account, or request administrative access from the current owner of the listing using the link.

2. If you have multiple known verified accounts from the old Places dashboard, you may simply remove the duplicate listing from the dashboard in the account that was emailed. Then use the other account to manage the listing.

3. If you have used the same account to verify both Google Places and Google Plus one will be connected with Maps. Remove the listing from your dashboard that is a duplicate, and is not connected with Maps.

4. If you and someone else used separate accounts to verify Google Places and Google Plus, remove the duplicate account that is not connected with Maps.

All of these scenarios allow you to use the duplicate listing instead if it is the prefered one, but you must remove the active listing from that account, then contact the Google support team who can make the duplicate listing active once again.

Fixing these issues is simple and necessary to provide your customers with the best possible information about your business to those who may be searching for your local listing. It is always important to make sure all listings, Google or not, are updated with the best information, and that you are able to manage any information about your business and location.