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This line is a throwaway hook. It’s usually something a little outlandish.

But don’t ignore it.

There are plenty of strings to tie to that first sentence.

This could get a little long. For a tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) version, skip to the bottom.

There are plenty of strings to tie to that first sentence. Link them up. (get it? A link to local SEO – can’t ignore it… outlandish = location joke… no? Fine. Be like that.)


Make sure that the heading isn’t the first thing someone sees. Use it as a lure. Also, this could get a little long. For a tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) version, skip to the bottom

At this point, we’ll build into slightly longer paragraphs. This one may have two or even three sentences, andbrown-518324_640.jpg it’s going to sink the hook deeped. I want you to HEAR this, reader, so I included some visual clues.

And this is where I continue to converse; I’ll even throw in a gratuitous PICTURE that may or may not be related.

These breaks are breadcrumbs, folks.

I want these sentences to be short. And I want them to grab the eye.

I’m going to keep writing these short sentences until I can get you to scroll down commit to this article.

Here’s a Call to Action to a guide. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE NOW!

Seem familiar yet?

Great, now we’re here. I made you commit to reading at least this line. Thanks! Now let’s talk about how YOU can write better blog content! I’ll tell you that it’s all about finding what makes you tick as a writer, and then I’ll change my mind later. Writing is going to be a little more dense now, too.  But for now, to write like the masters, you need to follow these steps (or copy versions of this list).

  • Find your passion
  • Pick a topic
  • Write until your fingers bleed (I mean, get after it)
  • Rest. Go to sleep or go for a walk.
  • Revise. Reread that abomination and make it legible.
  • Publish it and CELEBRATE! You’re done blogging for the day!children-593313_1280.jpg

But WAIT. Let’s take another look at that revision.


So this is where things are going to change. Ultra-bloggers will point customers down this path, too. Let’s go step-by-step through the revision process. Feel free to adapt any of this.

  • Change the voice. So, you wrote a great article. BUT who is the target? Did you load the chamber and fire at a specific customer? You need to make sure that you speak directly to your buyer persona. Need help developing a buyer persona? Great! I have an offer for that. It’s free. Just click it. Download the guide for buyer persona building.
  • Research the big guys. Go read a blog. Just give it a glance. I’d list the masters, but you are the writer here. Basically, I want you to research what the thought leaders research. Add to their conversation (further boosting their own site views), and help boost the thought leader’s site credibility. Make sure that your writing reflects that style. If it doesn’t, destroy your draft. Kill it with fire….
  • Rewrite that garbage. Cut ties with your piece. It’s not good enough. The masters DO NOT write like that. Change it up to match their style. It’s what sells, and ultimately content is a SELLING, not creating. And add pictures.
  • LINKS EVERYWHERE! Make sure that your blogging X-All-The-Y.jpgpoints towards yourself and the big dogs



So there you have it. That’s how the big guys write an article.


We’re not done yet. There’s one more thing to talk about.

It’s ANOTHER list! It’s a list of dogsdog-715545_1920.jpg

  • Dobermans
  • Poodles
  • Beagles
  • Mutts


It’s really just another opportunity to push an offer.

Actually, a CTA would fit well down here.




Follow the compulsion. Put something down here as a final selling point. I’ll do it after a tl;dr.


tl;dr (you’re welcome)

  • Exploit whitespace. If readers can only absorb a few short sentences at a time, space those sentences out.
  • Write in colloquial language. Make quips, and maybe joke around
  • Keep diction personable
  • Utilize lists and bullets. Not the metal kind, the formatting kind

Here’s a free eBook. Download it. NOW.