Use Holiday Keywords to Boost Sales

Whether it’s Black Friday or Valentine’s Day, it pays to know what keywords consumers are searching on for upcoming holidays. For example, in March check out how much the keyword “St. Patrick” spikes near that holiday. But when you’re figuring out your content marketing strategy, don’t just pay attention to the big holidays. In fact, your research could uncover some new “holidays” you never would have guessed were getting lots of search action. Did you know National Margarita Day just passed? … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your SEO Results

If you’re hoping to improve your small business’s search engine optimization (SEO), you’re not alone. According to an eMarketer survey, 68 percent of respondents are focusing more attention on their organic SEO efforts this year. Why all the fuss? Simply put, SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your website and help your business gain credibility, authority and exposure. Start by reading a beginner’s guide to SEO like the one from or the Google SEO Guide. SEO is pretty … [Read more...]