5 Beginner Level Email Marketing Best Practices

There comes a point in every small business when it's time to continue expanding your online marketing techniques. Once you've gotten into the habit of publishing blog posts consistently, and keeping up with the social media platforms of your choice, its time to branch out your online reach. So where do you turn? The next, natural step is email marketing. Follow these 5 email marketing best practices for best results: 1. Planning This is crucial in every marketing campaign you undertake, … [Read more...]

The New Google My Business

Google is constantly working to improve the way information is consumed by users, and in turn is looking to create the best possible ways to find the right information when it is needed. This is a huge benefit to businesses, as local businesses rely heavily on local search and being found in the right place at the right time. Current users of either Google Places or Google+ Local will now be redirected to the new Google My Business. But what does this mean? Who Should Use Google My … [Read more...]

What Facebook’s Move to Direct Response Means for Your Business

Early this year, Facebook announced improved ways for direct response marketers to reach customers on their mobile devices and desktop computers. Facebook promised businesses easier ways to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their websites or mobile apps, and explained how certain News Feed ads will feature enhanced call-to-action buttons. To make users happy though, Facebook recently announced a way to opt out of seeing the targeted ads or the ability to choose which ads they … [Read more...]

What Working For A Grocery Store Taught Me About Online Marketing

When I was working as a "floor supervisor" at a large grocery chain when I was about 19, I remember venting to my boss at the time about how customers were like a herd of animals. They would all get in line together behind one register, without even recognizing the fact that there were 3 or 4 other lanes open. My boss listened for a while, but then she bluntly told me "If people didn't follow the crowd, your job wouldn't be necessary." People follow the herd. They see what other people are … [Read more...]