Google’s Death Penalty: When to Kill Your Website

Being penalized by Google is a major hit to your company’s online presence and can happen to anyone. Handling the penalty can be tricky and create a great deal of work, but it is important to take the penalty seriously and decide what the best action will be for your website. Evaluate What Was There Before the Website Was Penalized - If there was just junk on the website then the site itself was never a valuable or reliable site. This means that even if the junk were to be removed, there would … [Read more...]

The Struggle For Survival On Google Local Business Listings

Google local search has experienced multiple problems in the past with spammy posts. In an attempt to weed out old and duplicate listings, Google has begun an update to its dashboard. With this update, Google has been sending out emails requesting action from business owners to verify their listings as well as the new guidelines for local business listings. Below are the Updated Guidelines: A single descriptor in addition to the business’s actual title that allows customers to locate … [Read more...]