Google’s Death Penalty: When to Kill Your Website

Being penalized by Google is a major hit to your company’s online presence and can happen to anyone. Handling the penalty can be tricky and create a great deal of work, but it is important to take the penalty seriously and decide what the best action will be for your website. Evaluate What Was There Before the Website Was Penalized - If there was just junk on the website then the site itself was never a valuable or reliable site. This means that even if the junk were to be removed, there would … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

There’s probably no easier way to make money from your small business website than by participating in an affiliate (also known as affinity) marketing program. Your website doesn’t even need to be an ecommerce site to benefit from affiliate marketing. What you’re doing is driving traffic to another website and getting paid for doing so. Sound simple enough? Here’s some additional more information to help you make sense of how affiliate marketing works. There are four participants in the … [Read more...]