The Top 5 Apartment Directory Listings for Getting Found Online

black and white apartmentFor any company in the multifamily business, getting your properties found with local SEO by potential renters is a high priority. One of the best ways to do that nowadays is through optimized apartment directory listings.

But with such an overwhelming number of sites to choose from, where do you start? If you’re not sure, post on the ones in the list below. You’ll be sure to reach the highest amount of people and promote inbound phone calls without investing too much time in creating multiple listings.


Trulia is practically a household name when it comes to hunting for apartment rentals, homes for sale, or any other type of real estate. Because it’s a trusted brand that can deliver a high volume of traffic, listing on this site is a no-brainer.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s free to post and your listing is syndicated to 20 other sites for an extra dose of exposure. This site is also a good place to start listing if you haven’t advertised a new property yet.


Another giant in the online real estate world, Zillow reaches millions of renters. The catch is that if you have a property with more than 50 units, you’ll have to pay to list. However, you only pay for the contacts you receive.

With such a huge volume of potential leads, it’s safe to say that Zillow is an important site to post your listings. As always, try it out, test it, and decide if the leads you’re getting (or perhaps not getting) makes it worth maintaining.


Say what you want about the reputation of Craigslist, it’s still a popular source for anyone on the hunt for a new apartment. Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to put up a listing and see if any good leads find their way to you. One advantage you’ll have is that a genuine listing like yours will stand out among the many duplicate and spam postings.


For potential renters, Hotpads is an appealing site because the properties are shown on a map alongside listings in their traditional format. And if renters like it, there’s a good chance you’ll like it too. Show off the convenient location and unique neighborhood your property is in by completing a listing on this site.

Local Directories

One often-overlooked place to post multifamily home listings online is on local directories. These are niche sites that often have to do with student or university housing, housing in particular neighborhoods, or military housing. While the traffic isn’t as high as the big, popular sites mentioned above, the visitors on these sites will likely be quality leads highly interested in renting a property like yours.

The main point to keep in mind when creating these listings is attracting the most qualified leads, not necessarily the most eyeballs possible. By viewing the task from this approach, you’ll only create the apartment directory listings that are truly necessary for attracting renters and avoid wasting time on sites that won’t yield many results.