Top 10 Most Retweetable Words

The psychology of word meaning runs deep – and the words we see on social media are no exception to this. That being said, being strategic with word use is necessary for the copy on every social media platform you choose to utilize.

For Twitter specifically, there are certain words that digital marketers can use on the platform that people are more drawn to, and therefore retweet more often.

Phrases such as “you,” “retweet,” “free,” and more all go into the science of what makes a tweet retweetable. Here’s why:

  1. You. Simply put, “you” is tied to ego. People in general are more likely to listen when it’s made clear that they are being spoken to directly. When these people are consumers, it makes an even bigger impact.
  2. Retweet. Directly requesting for something to be retweeted can increase its probability to be reshared by over 300%.
  3. How to. “How to” is attractive wording, because the reader immediately knows that they are guaranteed educational satisfaction after their next click.
  4. 10. Just like “how to,” using “10” is appealing to the consumer, because they know they will learn something quickly, keeping them curious without being overwhelmed. Top 10 lists are constantly used in publications (David Letterman, anyone?), and are viewed with consumer intent every time.
  5. Free. This one is an eye-catcher for obvious reasons. Using “free” pulls people in by suggesting an offer of value, at no cost for them.
  6. Check out. This is great phrase to include in tweets, because it directly invites the consumer to visit a linked image, video, article, etc.
  7. Please. Etiquette is important to fulfill any request, which doesn’t stop at retweets.
  8. Post. Using this word gives consumers the message that they will be directed to a post with information to read or view. Bonus: placing the word “new” in front of “post” invites consumers to absorb information they didn’t have before.
  9. Top. This along with “great” implies that the consumer is going to be given the best possible information on a topic – so make sure to deliver.
  10. Twitter. Sharing news about the platform consumers are currently using will interest consumers in spreading the word directly.

We’ve included a cheat sheet below, to help you remember the most retweetable words, and keep them all within your reach.

Happy tweeting!


Most Retweetable Words Cheat Sheet (2)