Unlocking the Potential Behind Marketing to Moms

Unlocking the Potential Behind Marketing to Moms

The potential behind marketing to moms is often overlooked or ignored as many marketers focus their attention on the buying power of upcoming generations like millennials. Sometimes marketers simply don’t know how to appeal to the demographic, so they ignore it.

Learning just how influential and valuable mothers are for marketing is an important area worth exploring for many reasons. A few of things to keep in mind if you plan to practice marketing to moms include:

Moms are Social

Just because some mothers are tasked with the important job of caring for their children doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have a say in the buying process, or that they don’t talk with their friends about the products they love. Making sure that your marketing doesn’t ignore this important group is crucial if you want to turn customers into loyal brand promoters.

Moms Utilize Social Media

Social media is everywhere and everyone is using it. Yep, that’s right, even moms. And while they may spend some of their time posting pictures of their kids, they still use social media to talk and learn about must have products with their friends. Working to make sure that your social media marketing strategy includes ways for targeting mothers is essential for effective marketing.

Moms are Busy

Many moms lead a constantly hectic lifestyle. Always being on the go means that more and more moms will be spending their time doing product or service research on their mobile devices. So, when marketing to mothers, making sure that your online presence is optimized for mobile users is vital.

Moms Like to Save Money

The more money you can save your buyer persona, the better. Saving money is something that is likely on the top of many moms’ lists of priorities. Offering referral programs or special discounts is a great way to bring more attention from mothers to your brand.

Moms Like to Save Time

Much like saving money, saving time is essential for many moms. Offering services that cut back on the time it would normally take to complete a task is one proven way to win over the hearts of mothers around the world.

There isn’t one marketing strategy that is applicable to all the possible demographics that there are, however making sure that you’re aware of what sets some groups apart from another allows you to better tailor your marketing efforts for that audience.

Marketing to moms isn’t much different than marketing to various other buyer personas. Being able to discern between the main points of interest between groups will allow you to better grasp the potential of marketing for any demographic there is!