Use Holiday Keywords to Boost Sales


It’s common knowledge that the holiday’s present an opportunity for many businesses to increase sales. But what many businesses don’t consider is the impact of holiday keywords on their digital strategy. And by “holiday keywords” I don’t just use of the big holidays like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

When you’re figuring out your content marketing strategy, don’t just pay attention to the big holidays. In fact, your research could uncover some new “holidays” you never would have guessed receive lots of search action. Even small holidays like National Margarita Day or National Donut Day can boost your web traffic if those holidays are relevant to your business.

Ready to get started incoporation holiday keywords into your digital strategy? Here are a few ideas:

1. Conduct Keyword Research

…and select keywords that are actually relevant to your business. If you’re a B2B you will probably have to be more creative when it comes to incorporating Halloween in your strategy as opposed to a B2C which might play on the idea of trick or treating, and fun holiday images to sell their product. 

2. Create Landing Pages.

Once you know what search terms to use, make sure you dedicate appropriate landing pages to them. If you have an ecommerce site, create a holiday-themed page. Don’t use keywords to lead someone to your website without a good reason, or you’ll be punished by the search engine and lose rank.

3. Write a Blog About It

Knowing what keywords to include in your site is simply not enough. Create content that incorporates these keywords in a way that makes sense for your business. If you sell a product, during Christmas time write a blog highlighting gift ideas. If you are in the event business, write a post around Halloween about how to avoid some of the scariest event scenarios. Also, consider ways to talk about industry trends or other topics related to your business in light of the holiday. 

Of course this is not necessarily evergreen content, but the good news is you can update and refresh your content each year just in time for the holiday you’re targeting. 

4. Use Social Media.

Even if you’re not selling anything holiday-related, you can always keep your business top-of-mind by posting holiday-related tidbits or greetings on your social media accounts. If you’re celebrating the holiday with an event or fun activity in your business, such as employees dressing in costume, take pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram. This gives you the opportunity to participate in a holiday, even if you don’t have a strong enough idea for an entire landing page or blog post. 


Using holiday keywords is a powerful way to keep your business top of mind and attract a new group of searchers to your website. It also provides your regular visitors with fresh, relevant information that relates to the holiday.