What is Dynamic Number Insertion and Why Should You Consider It?

Woman calling dynamic number insertion phone number

With so many ways to leverage technology to improve your company’s marketing, it can be overwhelming to determine where exactly you should be investing your marketing dollars for the biggest benefit to your company. But one important way to not just gain insight into your digital marketing efforts, but to discover what activities generate the most inbound call results is Dynamic Number Insertion.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion is a feature of call tracking. Basically, it replaces phone numbers within website pages with a number that ties that individuals phone call back to the source of their visit. This means that an organic visitor from Google search will see a different number than the visitor from a PPC campaign, or from an email.

Because inbound phone calls are an increasingly important conversion to track, using a method like dynamic number insertion provides you with more complete reporting of your marketing strategy’s effectiveness, and overall return on investment.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple: you copy and paste some code onto your website, and this code will dynamically change the phone numbers your website displays depending on the source the website visitor is coming from. This information is then fed into your analytics and reporting for further review, so that you know exactly where each phone call actually comes from.

And even if a visitor leaves and returns to the website later, a cookie is placed in their browser so that the same tracking phone number is displayed every time they visit the website so that you can always track a visitor back to their original source.

Why Should You Consider It?

While most companies are already tracking sources their visitors and form submits come from on their websites, they are not always able to keep up with where phone calls are originating from. Using Dynamic Number Insertion makes tracking this simple.

This results in the better tracking of which marketing efforts yield the most, and even the best, calls. Having this knowledge allows you to make adjustments in spending on ad campaigns, or bulk up other areas where you may be generating a lot of calls from. Improving your efforts in these key areas can ultimately contribute to your revenue growth.

If your business relies heavily on inbound calls, Dynamic Number Insertion is something you should have started doing yesterday. It can improve your reporting and allow you to better track your best marketing campaigns and control your spending.