What’s New in B2B Marketing?

b2b marketingTo outsiders B2B seems like an easier sell than B2C. After all, businesses are on both sides of the table, so you should understand each other’s needs (unlike trying to figure out the fickle tastes of the nation’s consumers). The truth is, B2B marketers confront a whole different set of challenges, many of which are harder to deal with, such as more sophisticated buyers, higher stakes and a more complex sales process, which requires more knowledge. In a recent survey, a majority (70 percent) of B2B marketing leaders surveyed admitted they are also concerned about brand integrity and social media execution.

So what’s new in B2B marketing trends, and what strategies can you employ in your own company?

  • More marketing. B2B marketers plan to increases spending and do more marketing using social media, email marketing, content marketing and online video.
  • Change your focus. The focus should be on the customer and not the sale. Do everything you can to understand your customer’s needs.
  • Make a connection. B2B clients are only human and they want to feel the love, too. Make an emotional connection, and your buyers will come back for more.
  • Don’t just promote, but also educate. In all your marketing channels, ask yourself what can be learned? Get rid of the fluff.
  • Go visual. Think infographics, short animated videos and interactive content such as games, webinars, podcasts and video interviews.
  • Social media counts. LinkedIn is a no-brainer, but in order to reach B2B buyers, make sure you’re also present on Slideshare, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


Photo Credit: moodboard/iStock/Thinkstock