Who Your Brand Needs to Follow on Social Media

When it comes to social media, who you follow, and who follows you are two things that play a big role in the image of your brand. Online marketing is all about perception. Although you may be producing great messages on your blog and website, this is not the only thing that people consider when they develop an opinion on your company.

You’ve heard the phrase, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” but in marketing, this is simply not true. A follower or fan base can turn existing and potential consumers away, just because they don’t like who or what they see in your interactions. That’s why it is so important to associate your brand with professional sources and individuals that are related to your industry – or the ones that exude positivity towards your messaging.

A social media following isn’t about the numbers alone; it is about who makes up those numbers. Here are our tips when it comes to who you should be following on social media.

  • Follow both news accounts and consumers who are relevant to your field or industry.

  • Research trusted brands that curate and produce industry news. Follow them and retweet content that is relevant to your brand.

  • Quote tweet articles and updates. This opens a door for you to add your own voice to content that is actively being pushed around.

  • Follow influencers/celebrities that your audience relates to and/or follows.

  • Follow accounts that your industry inspirations follow. In the digital marketing industry, for example, research the accounts that Business 2 Community and Social Media Examiner interact with on Twitter, and follow them!

  • Participate or monitor a tweet chat about news or topics in your industry. Some of the most active people on Twitter take part in these, and are likely to interact with you as a result.

  • Steer clear of following major political figures (and religious figures).

  • Your followers and following reflect who you are as a brand.

And there you have it. Does your brand need a follower build clean up? We suggest you get to it – and use these tips along the way.