Why Business Owners should Be Excited About WordPress 3.9

Wordpress 3.9 "Smith"

WordPress 3.9 has become available to the public.

Named “Smith” in honor of Jazz Organist Jimmy Smith, this latest update to the most popular Content Management System(CMS) in the world, hits the right notes and is looking great.

The video above details some of the more exciting features including:

Enhanced Visual Editor

The Visual editor has been easy to use, however it has had its limitation. WordPress 3.9 has addressed a lot of common frustrations:

  • Improving speed,¬†accessibility, and better support for mobile use.
  • Pasting from word processors(specifically Microsoft Word) has been updated, removing the need to clean up styling after pasting.
  • Images can be edited more easily with quicker access to cropping and rotation, and the addition of direct image scaling within the editor itself.
  • Images can also now be directly dropped within the editor instead of within the “Add Media” interface.

These additions make a much more pleasant experience while creating new content.

Updates to Image Galleries

Galleries now display directly within the editor, allowing you to view the grid before viewing the published post.

Although this will not show special gallery styling, it makes it much easier to determine what images you have used and determine where galleries work best in your content.

The Addition of Audio and Video Playlists

You can now showcase multiple Videos and Audio Clips within organized playlists.

This will be great for musicians and anyone media rich company, allowing for longer on-page engagement without extending the length of your content.

Front-end Editing of Widgets and Widget Areas

With the addition of front-end editing of widgets, WordPress 3.9 has removed the guess work from editing your homepage.

  • This will make it much easier to determine whether or not that extra widget area on your home page will look good or not without displaying it directly to users on your website.

Easier to Use for Any Experience Level

These additions should make it much easier for Business Owners to edit and enhance their websites, and create great content more easily, while removing obstacles for those just starting with WordPress.

This is a great example of WordPress continuing to evolve and stay one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) out there by making it even easier to create the unique content your site needs to rank well organically!

Here’s to you “Mr. Smith”