Why Inbound Calls are Essential to B2B Marketing

person making inbound calls

In this day and age it is easy to get caught up in how many interactions you are having via the internet that you simply forget or ignore the importance of human interaction. 

If you were asked whether you would want an inbound phone call or an inbound form fill as a lead for your B2B business, the answer would most likely be the phone call. But despite the fact that this is the case, B2B marketer’s often focus their time and energy on producing form fills, and forget to promote inbound calls

If you want your business to thrive and grow, it is important to recognize why inbound phone calls are so essential to your B2B marketing. 

Inbound Calls = Valuable Leads

Phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates compared to 1-2% for clicks. This means that those leads who are picking up the phone and calling are by far more likely to convert than leads that keep communication digital. 

This should really come as no surprise, simply because human interaction is the best way to generate results. An email or blog post can be read and ignored, despite the fact you may have a powerful and compelling call-to-action. But a human is far more likely to make a connection, address any issues, and move the lead down the path to becoming a customer. 

A focus in your marketing department on inbound calls means that your sales team is provided with better qualified leads, while ultimately leads to more sales and growth for your company. 

Digital Drives Inbound Calls

70% of phone calls come from digital marketing channels. And mobile search drives nearly 45% of all calls. These stats prove that digital marketing is key to driving calls.

This means that not optimizing your digital marketing campaigns for calls is a huge mistake, and one that can not just lose you leads, but lose you extremely valuable leads. 

Be sure that you are not just including your phone number prominently throughout your website, but your also optimizing your local listings, paid advertising, email marketing, and social media campaigns with your phone number. 

People Want the Option to Call

As a millennial, I tend to prefer sticking with online communication. But every now and then I have a simple question that needs to be answered, and my Google research skills fail me. When this happens, I simply want to pick up the phone and get the question resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And I am not alone in this. People want to be able to find a phone number and call whenever they have questions. Whether your question is simple or more complex, this can ultimately save time and provide each lead or customer with the individual attention they want. 

No matter what kind of business you have, giving your clients and leads the ability to contact you quickly by phone is a powerful tool that can improve your overall sales and boost your overall customer service.