Workplace by Facebook: A Pleasant Paradox

network-153537_1280.pngFacebook is trying to build a reputation, folks. It’s looking to undercut its current status as a huge productivity drain, and it’s flipping the script. This month Facebook will reveal its new service – Workplace by Facebook. This product, which is Facebook’s answer to Slack, Microsoft’s Yammer and Google’s Hangouts, was created to help companies boost communication and productivity.



What’s the Point?

Workplace by Facebook is a new system designed to boost productivity and communication within customer’s companies. It’s a single source for video conferences, internal communications, and collaborative efforts. On the surface, Workplace works just like Facebook. Employees won’t need to learn a new system; it’s the same interface with access to the News Feed, Groups, and Messaging.

How Does it Work?

Workplace allows companies to create accounts for employees. These companies can then divide employees into relevant groups. Want the marketing department to communicate with sales? Put them in the same group. Need to check on a project’s progress? Find the group posts or open a chat window with the project leader.

Is Workplace by Facebook a Good Option?

Maybe it’s just me, but this product sounds great. Some studies tend to show that humans can only focus for about two hours, and other studies point to a number that’s closer to 20 minutes. So how can you keep employees engaged? Use Workplace.

When workers need a break, they tend to check their email and social media accounts. Workplace allows companies to implement a new kind of social media. This allows employees’ minds to wander away from current projects without wandering too far from work itself.

The other benefits boil down to one simple principle – simplified communications. Workplace could possibly allow companies to let go of redundant systems and boost productive time during the day.

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