Benefits of Holistic Marketing: Content, Social, Email, TOGETHER!

holistic marketing: enjoying content, social, emailMarketing online can be a very overwhelming task to undertake, as there are so many moving pieces of the puzzle that seemingly need to come together to create a coherent marketing picture. So while it may seem like a good idea to have a variety of campaigns that focus on the different online marketing initiatives your company may have, this is not always the best solution.

So what are the benefits of combining your social media, content, and email marketing under one umbrella, along with any other types of online marketing you may do?

The Benefits:

  • Creates Cohesiveness: Instead of all the different aspects of your brand presenting varying and even conflicting information, bringing all different aspects and campaigns of your online marketing under one roof will build your brand in a cohesive way, instead of just confusing it.
  • Renders Results: If your content marketing team has created a great blog series, but the intern handling social media isn’t promoting the great new pieces being published on the blog, then you are not going to get the best results from your online marketing. Instead, having a team working closely to create campaigns that span social media, email marketing, and even paid search will render much better results.

3 Branches of Marketing:

Holistic marketing really unifies your company’s marketing goals and ideas and enables them to reach out across all branches of your marketing strategy. This is just 3 of many more branches in your marketing strategy. 

  • Content: Generating quality content in the perfect quantity for your website is what attracts visitors, engages visitors, and keeps them returning. Content is at the core of what you have to offer to your online customers. It’s not just the big companies that can create vast amounts of content that are generating leads that way, but small companies can benefit as well. Just be sure you have a variety of relevant content that will bring the right kind of people to your blog: the type of person you want to eventually become a customer.
  • Social: Some people may be asking themselves: Why isn’t social media helping my marketing? The answer is this: your probably not using it right. You should be using your content to feed your audiences with relevant material. But be sure to liven it up with lots of pictures and interactive posts. People want to engage on social media, not just devour vast amounts of content or purchase items. This builds brand loyalty when your social media platforms engage correctly with your audiences. So be sure to ask good questions and spark conversations. Not sure what to ask? Your content gives you a place to start, and topics to ask about. 
  • Email: How do you go about fixing email marketing? The answer is simple: create emails people want to read. Your emails should be personal and exclusive. They should really feed the idea that the person who has received your email is a valued customer and is getting the first look at deals and content. Feed that idea of exclusivity by being consistent with your emails. And learn to write effective email subject lines. This can help you create the bait that leads to a better email marketing campaign. 

Combine For Best Results

All of these aspects, interconnected, will create the cohesiveness and results your company is looking from from a marketing strategy. Sharing your best offers, ebooks, and blog posts through emails will draw people to your website and into your sales funnel. Remember, content, social, and email are just a few aspects of online marketing. There are so many more, but starting with these will build up your confidence in creating a holistic approach.