Wearable Tech: Marketing Trend For 2015?

As many businesses continue to grapple with upping their mobile marketing game, another player has stepped into the technological fray: wearable tech. While smart glasses, watches and wristbands haven't taken off yet, some research suggests more people will start putting them on--and that means harnessing new opportunities to reach users. A Nielsen study says that so far 70 percent of consumers are aware of wearables and about 15 percent of consumers currently use wearable tech. While that … [Read more...]

Pets Mean Profits

When you’re planning your marketing strategy, be sure not to forget the 164 million households that own pets in the U.S. According to The Humane Society of the United States, pet ownership in America is booming, and part of the boom is a change in mindset. More and more, pet owners are treating their pets as if they were children, driving spending on pets that hit nearly $56 billion last year. Experts see the trend in pet ownership being fueled by young professionals waiting longer to marry … [Read more...]

Fine Tuning Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Statistics abound across the internet that make it obvious mobile marketing is in. A Google study says 77 percent of mobile searches happen in a place like work or home that’s likely to have a desktop computer. Because the searches never stop, your mobile campaign is crucial to bringing in business on every device. Here’s how you can better mobilize your strategy. Make your website mobile friendly The beauty of responsive web design is in its simplicity. By building a website … [Read more...]

The 4 Scariest Online Presence Mistakes Companies Make

In 2014 it is mind boggling how many companies still make certain online presence mistakes. You would think they'd know better by now, but they don't. It only seems fitting that in honor of Halloween, we compiled 4 of the scariest mistakes that companies somehow still make when it comes to their internet presence. These 4 online marketing mistakes should definitely send a horrified shudder down your spine, even if Halloween doesn't! 1. Paying For Links or Followers I cringe every time we … [Read more...]

Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

Since social media is always evolving and what was hot yesterday could be ice cold tomorrow, you need to be flexible and ready to adopt new technologies quickly in order to keep your business on the leading edge of social media. With so much going on right now in social media, this is the ideal time to create your social media strategy for next year. Here are three trends to keep in mind: Paid placements aren’t going away. Does buying sponsored posts, promoted tweets and other paid social … [Read more...]

Determining ROI: Are promoted tweets worth the cost?

Many small businesses have long enjoyed Twitter’s free ability to connect with customers. Now a Nielsen study shows that promoted tweets can bring social media marketing to the next level with increased engagement, brand lift and message association. But if you’re on a limited marketing budget the big question to answer is whether stretching your reach is worth stretching your dollars. What are Promoted Tweets? According to Twitter promoted tweets are just your everyday tweets bought with … [Read more...]

Twitter As a News Source: How It Shapes Business Marketing

Social media is a very powerful tool for spreading information. It can have a role in every aspects of a person life, if one lets it. And companies struggle to truly generate information through social media that is worthy of sharing and spreading: something newsworthy. Twitter is exceptionally well suited for spreading news. But for many businesses Twitter is uncharted territory and can be hard to understand. Defining Terms Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of Twitter, explains in an … [Read more...]

Make Pinterest Part of Your Holiday Marketing Plans

Every small business wants their companies to be the ones consumers turn to when they need to make a special purchase or planning a special event. The holiday shopping season offers the best opportunities for retailers and service providers to make it to the top of shoppers’ lists. Luckily, the holiday sales predictions are bright. The National Retail Federation forecasts sales to increase a healthy 4.1 percent this year, to $616.9 billion. Is it a holiday miracle, or are marketers just getting … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of Twitter Analytics

It's now been over 3 months since Twitter allowed everyone access to their accounts analytics. This has given us all a chance to get used to the interface, and interact with the information. If you haven't been using Twitter analytics for your company account or your personal account, in which your purpose is to gain an audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field of expertise, I recommend you start now. Of course, analytics are not the end all be all of, really, anything. But … [Read more...]