Fine Tuning Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

women looking at tabletStatistics abound across the internet that make it obvious mobile marketing is in. A Google study says 77 percent of mobile searches happen in a place like work or home that’s likely to have a desktop computer. Because the searches never stop, your mobile campaign is crucial to bringing in business on every device.

Here’s how you can better mobilize your strategy.

The beauty of responsive web design is in its simplicity. By building a website from the ground up as responsive, the format will adjust to the screen size no matter what device potential customers use to surf your site. 81 percent of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience so making your mobile site a positive experience will make it easy to draw people in.

Don’t forget to optimize email

Checking email is one of the top five actions performed on smartphone (second only to making phone calls). With nearly half of all emails opened away from a desktop you’re missing out if your marketing emails aren’t optimized for mobile. It would be shame to put sweat equity into email marketing if so many of them weren’t formatted for the devices they’re read on, right? This is an easy detail to forget, and it’s one way you can make the most of those calls to action.

Speaking of which…

Create a clickable call to action

Make them big and bold, front and center. Whether you want visitors to download an ebook, sign up for your newsletter or give you a call make extra sure its easy to spot. Speaking of calls, make sure your website visitors can click to call and that the button is big enough to tap. Why? Google says that mobile searchers are 39 percent more likely to call a business than desktop searchers.

All of these ideas boil down to making it easy, painless and downright enjoyable for a mobile user to visit your website on their tablet or smartphone. By making sure you don’t overlook these details in your strategy you won’t miss out on connecting with customers wherever they are.


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