5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

It’s not enough to conduct an extensive digital ad campaign to drive customers to your website. In a study conducted by comScore and UPS, customers say it takes an integrated buying experience to win brand loyalty. For example, shoppers want the freedom to purchase online and then pick up in-store, or buy online and return the item to a store. What else drives brand loyalty? In the same survey, shoppers say they expect different shipping options to choose from; 78 percent will pick the least … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

Making your business stand out from the crowd means building and maintaining your brand right from the get-go. These days it’s not as easy as it used to be to build brand loyalty. About 40% of respondents in a recent Nielsen study say getting a better price would encourage them to switch brands. But price is not the only factor. Having products in stock and offering a satisfying shopping experience are also important to creating long-lasting customer loyalty. Brand building starts with … [Read more...]