5 Beginner Level Email Marketing Best Practices

There comes a point in every small business when it's time to continue expanding your online marketing techniques. Once you've gotten into the habit of publishing blog posts consistently, and keeping up with the social media platforms of your choice, its time to branch out your online reach. So where do you turn? The next, natural step is email marketing. Follow these 5 email marketing best practices for best results: 1. Planning This is crucial in every marketing campaign you undertake, … [Read more...]

Secrets of Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

If you believe you’ve mastered the craft of writing SEO-rich headlines, congratulations are in order. But if you’re trying to write email subject lines that get your emails opened, that’s another animal. Unlike SEO, you're not trying to get to the top of any rankings, but you still want to be engaging and personal. Here are three subject line tips to increase your email marketing open rate: What’s the big secret? Actually, “secrets” is one of the most-clicked, most lead-generating subject … [Read more...]

Avoiding Common CAN-SPAM Mistakes

Does it seem like everyone is switching their digital marketing efforts to social media? Should you forget your email marketing strategy? No. Email marketing is still worth pursuing. In fact, with most consumers checking email more than once a day and 51 percent checking it on their mobile devices, email marketing can work better than ever for your business—as long as you don’t cross the line.   The CAN-SPAM Act was created by the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers from misleading … [Read more...]

Marketing to Mobile Moms

What do moms of young kids want more than anything? Solutions to their problems. These moms are time-pressed, often stressed and will spare no expense when it comes to purchasing products or services that help them get through (and make the most of) their children’s early years. Luckily, social media has been a panacea for these moms. They use the various social platforms to reach out to other moms for advice in general and for new product or services recommendations and reviews in … [Read more...]