How To Choose a Social Media Platform For Your Business

Reaching the right social media audience is vital to your online marketing campaign, but when you look at all the choices, making a decision on which social media platform to use can be overwhelming. Not only are these platforms very different, and require extremely varied techniques, but they are often very time and resource consuming which can be a problem for a small business. But social media really does matter, and while it may feel like social media isn’t for your business, … [Read more...]

Looks Count: LinkedIn Adds Header Images

Everyone is doing it, and now LinkedIn has joined the club. You can now (if you’re a paid user) add header images to your LinkedIn business profile. Although, that may not seem like a big deal, it can make a big difference to your business image. Research shows social posts with images get more shares, so it follows that adding images on LinkedIn can only help spur engagement with your followers. Header images were first offered as an option this past summer. For now, the images do not appear on … [Read more...]

Just What the World Needed: Another Blogging Platform

Content writers and bloggers are bashing their heads against the nearest wall as yet ANOTHER blogging platform begins to rear its ugly head. Seriously, do we really need another black hole to feed our content into? LinkedIn sure thinks so. Several users have been able to publish content directly to LinkedIn since 2012, but beginning in mid-May of this year, LinkedIn has begun allowing anyone to apply to publish content directly to LinkedIn. This means that instead of posting links to your … [Read more...]